bye people who are reading my posts which are probably just classmates. i probably wont post anything else since this is a school blog but who knows i might post some other stuff on here! unless i get the same teacher next year then i will complete all the challenges and other stuff so bye everyone possibly talk to you next year have a fun summer! =D

post #2 of a hunter in the dark

The new summary for the hunter in the dark is: Mike Rankin is an average teenager with a girlfriend Gloria and who’s on the senior basketball team.  then one day the day of his basketball game he feels sick like he has the flu he doesn’t want to disappoint everyone especially Gloria so he goes and when he tries to play he collapses on the court. everyone tells him he just had an an anaemia but he doesn’t believe them . when he tries to find what he has he finds out he has acute lymphotic leukemia.  You learn all this through flashbacks. What hes doing in present time is he ran away but doesn’t plan on staying away forever he just wants to get a trophy, a deer head to mount on the wall.

The main character in this story is mike. since he is all alone in the woods it doesn’t really tell you much about other characters.The flat characters in this novel are Gloria, Doug, his mom and dad and Dr. Gage.he introduced us to the main character mike by talking about him driving away. the author used his thoughts and actions to introduce mike. he did this by talking about his past actions and his thoughts about what he is doing and what he has done.

The story is mostly about him in the present he is alone and in his flashbacks he doesn’t feel like he can count on anyone but his self.He kind of cooperated with Doug to get through his treatments and to get things back to normal at school. what happened was in a  flashback you learn that that mikes hair had fallen out and he was afraid to go to school. Doug visited him and helped him feel better about it. he also helped him get through his breakup with Gloria (they didn’t really break up she just kinda started dating a guy in grade 12 while she was dating mike and Doug had to tell him about it.) Mike felt really bad and Doug helped him get through it.

I think he is going to get a deer and learn that it has been 5 years and he is cured. I also think that he will work things out with his parents.


life of pi

                       a movie that had an impact on me was life of pi. Even though I liked life of pi it was boring at sometimes and kind of violent but not graphic. I think the target audience is for kids 11 and up and adults who enjoy realistic movies with not a lot of action but a good story line and ideas.because the movie is basically about pi the only survivor of a shipwreck except for a tiger an orangutan a zebra and a hyena. they have to share a life boat. all the animals die except for the tiger and pi. Eventually the tiger and pi wash up on mexico half starved and the tiger leaves him and goes into the forest never to be seen again. here’s a  trailer for it.


for school i wrote three poems but i couldn’t upload my concrete poem so here are two of them




fur, muscle,small,fluff






forming,falling, swirling

white blanket of joy

ice crystals

challenge 1

  1. Rick Riordan-what gave you the inspiration to write your books?
  2. Walter Disney-what charecter did you like better mickey mouse or oswald the lucky rabbit?
  3. Stompin’ Tom– what was your favourite song that you wrote?
  4. Ellen Degeneres-who would you like to have on your show?
  5. Erin Hunter-how did you get the idea for your books?
  6. Pope Benedict– why did you step down?
  7. Roald Dahl- why did you get into writing?
  8. Barack Obama-what made you want to become president?
  9. Neil Armstrong– if you were still alive would you want to go to the moon again?
  10. Edwin Eugene– did you want to be the first person to walk on the moon?



my book report

I did a book report on the hunger games here it is


The book I read was the hunger games.  It is a realistic fiction novel written by Suzanne Collins and in total it has 374 pages. I think this book is realistic book that has a good story line and is interesting.

In my book the main characters live in a country called panem where North America used to be but after floods droughts, fires and a war over the remaining land North America was destroyed and Panem was born. It is a country with a capitol and twelve districts surrounding it. The twelve districts live in poverty and have to work for the capitol, providing them with food and luxury items. To keep the districts in line they have the hunger games, a fight to the death that gets shown on live TV to entertain the capitol and show the districts how helpless they really are. One girl and one boy are required from every district.

Katniss Everdeen is a girl from the seam the poorer part of district 12. She has a little sister named Primrose, prim for short who is twelve and a mother who runs a small apothecary business. Her father died in a mine explosion. On the day of the reaping when they draw names to see what boy and girl will be sent to compete in the games she is worried about her name and her best friend Gale’s names getting drawn. Instead her sister’s name is drawn even though her sister only had one slip in thousands. She loves her sister way too much to let her get killed in the hunger games so she volunteered as tribute.

Katniss is escorted to the justice building where you say goodbye to friends and family before you leave. She says goodbye to her mother and sister prim and tells them what they need to do to survive: if they’re careful they can do okay selling prim’s goat lady’s milk and cheese and with their mom’s small apothecary shop. Her and gale made a pact a year ago so he will bring them game. Then she tells her mother that she has to be there for prim and not go back to the severe depression she went into after their father died. Then unexpectedly after prim and her mother left the baker Peeta’s father gave her cookies and said he would watch prim and make sure she wouldn’t go hungry. Next mage her friend gives her a mockingjay pin as a token a reminder of her district. After that gale her hunting partner and friend comes to visit her. They need to hunt on a daily basis just to keep their families from starving and even though it is illegal and technically they could be shot for doing it the peace keepers let them hunt because they are hungry for fresh meat too. Gale promises to keep them fed when she’s gone and if she dies.

She gets on a train to the capitol where she and peeta are dressed for the opening ceremony where each district rides a chariot and is dressed to reflect their district’s main  industry. Districts twelve are coal miners. So their stylists invent synthetic fire and make suits and capes that can be lit with it to make it look like they’re on fire.

She makes it far in the games after losing rue her ally and killing her murderer a new rule is announced, two people can be winners if they are both from the same district. She finds peeta and they win. Unfortunately when they are the last two the rule is changed back to normal so there can only be one winner. In the end the both attempt to poison themselves to show the game makers and capitol that they don’t own them but right before they swallow the poison the rule is changed back again so they both can be winners.

The characters did seem like real people because the story could happen in real life. Nothing crazy or really un-realistic happened in the story. The setting was usually described well like when she described the capitol people weirdly dressed capitol people with painted faces and bizarre hair in unnatural pinks greens and yellows.

            The story was easy to follow and I enjoyed the story line. My favourite part in the story is when she and rue become allies and blow up the careers supplies. It’s my favourite part because there was a lot of action there and because of all the detail I felt like I was there. In the book katniss was my favourite character because I got to know her the best since she was the main character. I would recommend this book to my friends because it is a very good book with a lot of description and interesting parts.

By Chloe.D


challenge 10

For challenge 10 I askd my dad to look at my blog and fill out the survey so here it  is (he likes cats)

What were your first impressions of this blog? the words were colourful it looked great against the black background.

What captured your attention? The contrasting colours captured my attention the colours of the words make it easy to read against the black background.

What distracted you on the blog? The cat that purrs and meows was a big distraction.

What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? It needs more cats  , also more capitols and periods.