challenge 8

for challenge 7 I wanted to write about endangered species and de-forestation but i didnt have enough time so since challenge 8 is a free choice week i wanted to write about endangered species since I didn’t in challenge 7.

An endangered species is a species that is at risk of becoming extinct there are thousands of extinct animals in the world. scientist estimate that 99.9% of species that ever lived on earth have and will continue to become extinct.

there are manny causes of endangered species, pollution because of humans (water poisoning, global warming, chemicals in their food, etc.),loss of habitat due to de-forestation or other stuff,overexploitation (over hunting or fishing the species), diseases if a species dose not have natural protection against particular pathogens the introduced virus can have verry serious effects on the species domestic animals offten transmit the diseases that affect wild populations ,  an invasive species that can eat the native species or eat all its food, etc.,etc. A lot of causes for endangered and extinct species are because of humans. Here is a list of some of the animal species that are endangered:

leather back sea turtle,  siberian tiger,  javan rhino,  angel shark,  Tasmanian devil,  snow lepord ,  atlantic bluefin tuna,  Pygmy three-toed sloth,  Jamaican iguana,  red wolf,  tiger shark and a lot of others.
challenge 8



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